We welcome monetary donations all year!  We strive to provide the newest and hottest toys to our military kids.  We apply for grants from various businesses and foundations.  But we can always use more help so we can serve as many children as possible each year.  Please consider donating!  We also accept donations of Books, Board Games and Toys!

The success of Santa's Workshop is a direct result of the generous support received from the military community and from the many individuals, private organizations and businesses in and around Central Texas. With their help, our typical annual inventory consists of more than 100,000 toys, 3,600 books, and 3,600 games. The approximate monetary value of gifts distributed for each child is $42, but the non-monetary value is immeasurable.


We are always in need of book sfor kids birth through 12 years old.  We greatly appreciate bi-lingual books!  All books should be new.

Board Games

If you would like to donate a game, we would love to give it to a family this Christmas!  We are especially in need of games other than Candyland and Chutes and Ladders.  Please contact us and one of our elves can tell you what we need most.

New Toys

We try our best to provide as many toys as we can through monetary and in-kind donations.  Sometimes we need some help. If you, or your unit, would like to donate toys, please contact us and we can tell you what we need.  We have limited storage space, so please make sure that you speak to one of our elves before you purchase anything.

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Ruck March Donation?

The Elves at Santa’s Workshop work year-round to provide the best selection of in-demand and popular toys for our Military girls and boys. But we need your help! Ruck Marches are a great opportunity for units to help Santa’s Workshop stock our shelves while building unit pride and esprit de corps!

We have been very lucky this year, and our shelves are overflowing!  We have so many amazing toys in our very limited storage space that our inventory elves are always busy.  But we love units that want to help.  If you are interested in participating in a ruck march for the 2019 Christmas Season, please consider targeting your donations in the board game category.  Board games are essential to our mission, as each family will receive one.  We believe that family games contribute to family togetherness and bonding.  And they fit perfectly in ruck sacks!

IF you are interested in organizing a ruck march, please contact us to coordinate a time.  Fort Hood Santa's Workshop is run 100% by volunteers, so we need to make sure that there are elves available to receive your generous donations!


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