2019 Shopping Dates:

December 2-6

December 9-13

*Please be aware that if your soldiers are going to be in the field ... PLEASE notify us at turn in!

*If the soldier is going to be TDY or in a class and only the spouse is coming to shop, please notify the spouse so they have the correct shopping date and time.

Command Team and CFS Information

Command Financial Specialist, or another unit designted representative, will conduct the following for applications:

  • Assist the Applicant in filling out the Application properly (please see instructions attached to application for more information. If you have specific questions, please email the Applications team at

  • Review all Applications to ensure they are filled out completely and signed by all necessary personnel (CFS and Commander or 1SG.)

  • Turn in the Applications to Santa's Workshop in Building 50001, next to to the Clear Creek Commissary on designated turn-in dates.

  • Inform soldiers of their shopping dates as provided by the Applications team. Ensure that they can attend. If they can't please contact us to reschedule. We do our best to accommodate training schedules so please let us know in advance.

  • Be present while your soldiers are shopping and contact those that do not show.

  • Check back in September for our Application download.

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