Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants must be active-duty military stationed at Fort Hood, to include active Guard and Reserves; with dependent children between the ages of six months and 12 years by December 25. Applications are accepted from all ranks, with a concentration on E5 and below.  Special circumstances or emergency applications will also be processed for all ranks. Selected families will receive two brand new toys, one stocking stuffer, and one book per child. In addition, each family selects one game to promote the importance of quality family time.

How Do I Apply?
  • Download the Application form from the link below, print and complete the application.

  • Take the application to your Unit Representative and go over it with them. Generally, the Unit Rep will sit down with you and review your financial situation to determine your eligibility. Because the children are our priority, we do not set specific income requirements. Please note: Completion of the form and/or the visit to the Unit Rep can be performed by either the soldier or the spouse if the soldier is deployed. Incomplete or illegible forms will be returned to the Unit Rep to complete IF they are turned in early enough.

  • ALL applications require three signatures: the service member (or spouse if deployed), the Unit Representative, and either the Company Commander, First Sergeant, Chaplain, or Rear Detachment Commander. The Unit Rep will then submit your application to Santa's Workshop by the designated due date.

  • The Santa's Workshop Applications Team will review every application and notify the Unit Rep of the status of the application.

  • The Unit Rep will then sign for the scheduled times and notify the applicant(s) and confirm if and when an appointment has been established for the family to visit Santa's Workshop.

What if I am selected?
  • Your Unit Representative will contact you with your shopping date and time.

  • Spouses may shop without their soldier.

  • You must shop at your designated time or your Unit Rep will shop for you.

  • Children are NOT ALLOWED in the shopping area, so please make arrangements to shop without them. If there is absolutely no other option, we have a small area for children to wait with a few toys and books.

Do you still have questions?

     Our applications team will be in the workshop, during the month of September, to answer       your questions. Please see the calendar below for days and times. You are also welcome         to email our applications team directly at FHSWSapplications@gmail.com

2021 Application Coming soon